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So…my life thus far…

The last year and a half has been quite a slow process. School didn’t work out the way I had planned and I’m trying to figure out what’s next for me. In college I was introduced to a new avenue of expression in the form of making music. Particularly, hip-hop provided me with a opportunity to be artistic and creative. Now I’ve spent quite a few years trying to perfect my craft and I feel that now I may want to have a career making music. Honestly, I believe odds are stacked against me ever being extremely successful in this type of career but, I love the way it makes me feel. In the last year and a half my life has been turned every direction including upside down. I need a way out. Music is my only option right now. I’m dedicated to its purity and I won’t stop until I can be heard. If not millions…just one!

Melo R.


About melorighteousmusic

I love music. I have a deep rooted passion for creating it and I would like to have a successful career creating music.

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