RIP Trayvon

I cannot understand this world. I’m not even surprised about how evil things have been. I’m working on a song called Rites of Justice and it’s made in the spirit of this situation with Trayvon. I really felt that the voice of music had to be heard addressing this big problem. Random acts of racism, random acts of bias, murder…it has to stop. Tolerance is higher than ever and that’s a problem. Warrant less murder should never be tolerated. We imprison people for some idiotic things but we fail to realize when true justice is needed. RIP Trayvon, I never knew you yet I know too well what you must have felt.


So…my life thus far…

The last year and a half has been quite a slow process. School didn’t work out the way I had planned and I’m trying to figure out what’s next for me. In college I was introduced to a new avenue of expression in the form of making music. Particularly, hip-hop provided me with a opportunity to be artistic and creative. Now I’ve spent quite a few years trying to perfect my craft and I feel that now I may want to have a career making music. Honestly, I believe odds are stacked against me ever being extremely successful in this type of career but, I love the way it makes me feel. In the last year and a half my life has been turned every direction including upside down. I need a way out. Music is my only option right now. I’m dedicated to its purity and I won’t stop until I can be heard. If not millions…just one!

Melo R.